It’s gray and rainy here in the city, so yesterday was the perfect morning to get some warm brunch at Community Food and Juice! I’ve been to Community a few times now, and it feels a little bit like restaurants back in California, with lots of natural lighting and organic menu options. Located on Broadway, between 112th and 113th Streets, Community is the trendy place to meet friends for a casual meal around Columbia. Even better, they feature “seasonal, local, organic food whenever possible,” as stated on their website and evident in their food. If you’re coming on the subway, it’s just a little bit of walk from either 110th Street or 116th Street on the 1 train.

The atmosphere in the restaurant is full of light and life. Elegant lamps hang from the high, unfinished ceilings, accompanied by ceiling fans. Different pockets of the restaurant blend together, including the bar and the open kitchen. Community has both individual tables for small parties, as well as communal tables, much like you might see in many European restaurants, although without the discomfort. On sunnier days than today, outdoor sidewalk seating is available, and according to their website they also have private dining space.

The menu boasted many several delicious looking options and I opted for the Country Breakfast—eggs, carrot hash browns, ham and a biscuit. I explained to the waiter about my allergies, and he suggested substitutions such as the biscuit for the seven-grain vegan bread. I also substituted the maple sugar cured ham for bacon, a personal preference. He was more than happy to inform the chef and make the substitutions. I have only ever been to Community for brunch and I tend to maintain a regular order at a lot of restaurants for comfort, so I can assure you that the Country Breakfast has been consistently safe.

The eggs were perfectly fluffy, but not as fully cooked as I myself might have made them—although I tend to prefer them slightly browned. The bacon was perfectly crispy as were the carrot hash browns (a Community special, barely pictured here). My favorite thing about brunch at Community, however, is the toast and jam. It seems so simple, but because I am not allowed to have a toaster in my apartment, I miss toast a lot! Plus, the jam at Community (is it raspberry?) is so delicious with regards to flavor, texture, and color that I frequently eat the leftovers with a spoon!

community (food)

When our food came, I was so hungry that Bear bear-ly managed to snag a solo shot with the remains of my delicious brunch.

I had enough (as you can see) to take home a second brunch, which is arguably the best kind of brunch! Not to mention, our waiter wrapped it up for me in a cute little box and a brown paper bag! The ending to brunch was a little rushed, as yesterday was a weekday and I had to get to class, but I can’t wait to come back and try some other dishes. I’m particularly intrigued by the B.E.L.T. and their rice bowls. Though outside was a little chilly and damp, Community is always a relaxing place to get some a little fresh air and fresh food!


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