It’s officially wintertime in the city, but despite the chill in the air, we took a little time this weekend to scope out a frozen treat! If you can never get enough of the cold, then Grom is the place to go. The Italian gelateria went stateside about five years ago, according to their website, and they have several locations in New York City. The one we visited today was their shop at Columbus Circle, just south of Central Park and across the way from Whole Foods Market. For those of you coming on the subway, Grom is just off the 59th street stop on the 1, 2, A, B, C, or D lines.


The interior of the shop is small but colorful, with bright lighting and sparse furniture. The gelato is kept in shiny metal tubs and posters about gelato, fruit, and Italy adorn the walls. One of the special things about Grom is that they have a green initiative, called Grom Loves World. Trash cans differentiate between paper products—like cups and napkins—and organic products—like cones and spoons. According to their website, all the fruit is grown organically on Grom’s own farm and their inedible products (i.e. spoons, cups, etc.) are biodegradable and made from recycled material!

grom (counter)

The best part is that Grom lists the ingredients right on the wall and every flavor has its own serving spoon. Talk about transparency! Ingredients include fresh Italian fruits, cocoa and coffee from Central America, and best of all, no coloring or additives. All the sorbets, which change seasonally with the other flavors, are dairy- and nut-free by default! (NOTE: Some flavors do contain egg. I myself am not allergic to eggs, but if you are, please be aware!)

grom (december 2012 menu) grom (ingredients) grom (cash register)

After perusing the flavors for a few minutes (and sampling a couple choices), I chose a small cup—two flavors—with mandarino and pera, both of which were delicious. The tangy mandarin orange reminded me of the tangerine tree in my backyard at home in California and the sweet, gritty pear tasted like the fruit serving I wanted it to be (i.e. if fruit servings were always deliciously refreshing). Grom offered the perfect pick-me-up for Bear, who spent the afternoon trekking up and down Fifth Avenue!

grom (bear)

(NOTE: Although the picture describes the gelato as having milk, the sorbet is completely dairy-free!)

The store was not very crowded, perhaps due to the fact that it was dinnertime, but it seemed like a fun place to grab a snack for adults and children alike! The crowd on the street seemed to be a mix of tourist-y and trendy and everyone seemed to be in a rush to get somewhere. If you are feeling stressed from finals, friends, or the frenzy of the holidays, a trip to Grom may be just what you need!