Bear Makes Brunch: Spring Salmon and Potatoes

Hello again, Brunch with Bearees! Apologies for the unexpected hiatus; the spring semester always brings many midterms. However, with only a few weeks left before summer, I have had more time to devote to cooking again! Salmon is one of Bear’s favorite foods, and this easy is one I learned from my aunt. It takes very little time to prepare which is perfect when you’re crunched for studying time or when you can’t wait to run outside and frolic among all the daffodils and tulips that New York has to offer!

The ingredients are very simple, and, as always, available at Trader Joe’s: olive oil, red wine vinegar, and garlic. Use the olive oil and vinegar in a 5:2 ratio (five tablespoons oil to two tablespoons vinegar) and add the garlic to your liking. Crushed garlic is what I have in my refrigerator, but fresh minced garlic or garlic salt is definitely an option. Same with red wine vinegar; use the vinegar of your choice! Sometimes I like to add a little salad dressing (Italian or balsamic vinaigrette) or pepper too.

spring salmon (ingredients)

Use this mixture as a marinade for a salmon fillet; obviously, the bigger the filet, the more dressing you should make. You can just add it as a topping before baking or you can let it soak in overnight. Scoring the salmon and spreading the dressing around with a spoon will help infuse the filet with the flavor. I like to keep my salmon in a glass pan with a cover, because it can marinate, bake and keep all in the same pan.

spring salmon (salmon)

To make roasted potatoes, I like to use red skin potatoes because I don’t have to peel them. Trader Joe’s (and surely other grocery stores) will have them in mesh net bags. Just scrub and slice them into chunks, avoiding bruises and eyes (on both the potatoes and on yourself). Place foil on a pan and spray with cooking spray before adding the potatoes. Salt the potatoes, if you like, and drizzle the dressing/marinade over them.

spring salmon (potatoes) spring salmon (potatoes on pan)

With the oven set at 400°F, the salmon should cook within 15-20 minutes and the potatoes will take 20-30. However, all ovens are slightly different, so it’s good to take the pans out and poke with a fork to make sure things are not undercooked.

spring salmon (finished salmon) IMG_0517spring salmon (finished potatoes)

As you can see, I’ve rounded out the plate with broccoli, and other supplements such as salad or fruit add some nice color to the meal, and balance out all the food groups.

spring salmon (finished plate)

Bear and I anticipate making this more over the summer, which will be arriving quite soon. Only a few papers, a few exams, and a few weeks to go. Happy eating and happy spring!


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