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Following dinner at La Vela a few weeks ago, I was in the mood for dessert—namely, cake. Having remembered seeing the nearby Peacefood, a vegan café and bakery, we decided to stop by and check it out. Peacefood is located 82nd Street and Amsterdam, just a short walk away from the 79th street station on the 1 train and up the street from La Vela.

The interior of Peacefood is very bright and colorful. There is a bakery display, counter seating and tables; in a way, it is much like a diner, but more Anthropologie than IHOP. Even though it was after dinner, there were still a lot of people inside.

peacefood (restaurant 2)     peacefood (display)

Sitting at the counter gave us an excellent vantage point for people-watching, and I noticed that the waitstaff seemed to be particularly tight-knit. They munched on raw veggies and discussed the daily specials with one another, as well as with customers. The whole operation was very casual and fresh, though perhaps a little blasé.

peacefood (counter)    peacefood (restaurant)

We ordered a slice of the chocolate ganache cake, and the server at the counter gave us a rather large slice, even for two people. It was very dense and had a very rich chocolate flavor, but was also a little dry. The frosting was very sweet and smooth, but almost too firm. I would still prefer Babycakes’ baked goods, but Peacefood’s version was still satisfying. Peacefood is much closer to the University campus, and a trek down to Babycakes’ location in the Lower East Side is not exactly an easy thing post-dinner.

peacefood (cake)   peacefood (bear)

I would be interested to go back to Peacefood for more than cake; though I am not a vegan, I wonder if their main entrees are filling and warm the way I think meals should be. In all honesty, Peacefood is charming but little more at the moment. The restaurant did not enchant me as Babycakes or Blossom did, but I’m happy to have a convenient and cozy place to pick up a slice of cake on a whim!


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