Clarke’s Standard

At the beginning of the summer, we vowed to take Lazy Sunday “to the next level.” If you choose to do the same, you will need to sleep in until at least noon. Line up a bad TV marathon, and make sure that your only communication with the outside world is your self-admittedly-stupid, “they-seemed-funny-at-the-time” Facebook posts to your friends about your level of laziness. Go straight to the couch, do not pass the gym, do not pass GO, do not collect $200. And whatever you do, cooking is not an option. In order to achieve all this, you have to be sure that there’s some safe and easy takeout waiting for you when you finally roll off the couch around 8PM. If you live down in the Financial District, prepare for a great Lazy Sunday. Clarke’s Standard has got you covered.

Clarke’s is located at the corner of Maiden Lane and Pearl Street, a short walk from the Fulton Street station on the 2, 3, 4, 5, A, C, J, and Z trains. The area still suffers from a lot of damage from Hurricane Sandy, but Clarke’s, a relatively new restaurant, has moved in to fill the burger needs of all the residents. The old diner feel of Clarke’s is comforting and refreshing, with a color scheme of reds and grays. A large menu features relatively simple choices: hamburgers or hot dogs. High ceilings, bright lighting, and spacious tables complement the smiling staff behind the register and the grill.


Prior to dining at Clarke’s, we called ahead to explain the dairy and peanut allergies. The same server who talked to us on the phone was standing behind the counter, and we asked him again about the allergy situation. While they were unable to find bread that accommodated the allergies, they were more than happy to put a piece of foil down on the grill to make me a patty with grilled onions and bacon. We also ordered fries and sweet potato fries, and filled our own ketchup containers while we waited for our food.


Back in the safety of the kitchen—on a Lazy Sunday, you really shouldn’t eat anywhere but your couch or kitchen counter—I toasted a ciabatta roll, courtesy of Trader Joe’s, and slid the burger onto it. Voila! Everything was crispy and delicious, perfect for watching some TV. The portions were relatively small, so if you’re really hungry, make sure to get a side dish or something else to fill you up. I usually can’t finish an entire hamburger at a restaurant, but we polished these off quickly, with all the fries too.


Clarke’s has multiple locations scattered throughout the city, which advertise delivery to the surrounding areas. (Did someone say “delivery?” I believe Lazy Sunday just got lazier.) Clarke’s is open here on Maiden Lane in the Financial District, but also in Midtown and Columbus Circle, making it a potential place to phone in an order for the office. While you may have other favorite takeout places nearby, I suggest you give Clarke’s a try. You may be pleasantly surprised!

As a California native, nothing beats an In-N-Out burger, but I do appreciate Clarke’s efforts. While I would prefer to find a place that has a bun as well, the grilled onions and bacon were a nice end to a day of thorough lethargy. More than anything, Clarke’s has inspired me to find more burger places in the city. Stay tuned for more discoveries!