September Slump

Hello, Brunch with Bearees! As some of you may have noticed, there has been a recent lacking in posts from Brunch with Bear. The fall semester here at Columbia has started and that means a whirlwind of new classes, meetings, homework, and commitments. It means trying to find time for school, work, and extracurricular commitments while also trying to find time to eat and sleep. As a double major in Neuroscience and English, this year is critical for establishing myself in both disciplines.


Unfortunately, that also means less time for blogging and brunching. However, we do have some more posts coming up in the next few weeks, so we encourage everyone to keep brunching and checking back here for new posts! The Brunch with Bear team looks forward to starting the fall semester with some really great restaurants and recipes soon.

For now, feel free to check out some of our old favorite spots around the city and invite your friends to Brunch with Bear!