Blossom, Revisited

Happy fall to all you Brunch with Bearees! Bear loves fall because he fits right into the golden scenery of the season: the sunset, the changing of the leaves, and the plethora of pre-holiday baking. Fall is warm, soft, fluffy, and sleepy, just like Bear.

For those of you who loved Blossom the first time around, you’ll be glad to know that there are multiple locations for this wonderful vegan restaurant. When a dear dairy-free friend was visiting the city, we decided to venture to Chelsea for a light Sunday brunch. Because of Blossom’s vegan menu, dairy is out of the picture here, and the waitstaff is incredibly conscious of any dishes with peanuts.

Located on 9th Avenue between 21st and 22nd Streets, Blossom in Chelsea is just steps away from the High Line, and embraces a similar style that’s both nature-inspired and city-chic. The closest subway stop is the 23rd Street stop on the C, E, or 1 trains. Like its Upper West Side relative, the interior of Blossom is soothing and calm. The blue walls and dark furniture keeps everything feeling minimalistic and comforting.


The clientele at this branch is definitely trendy Chelsea. Couples lingered over mimosas and families shared artfully arranged plates. Unlike the Upper West Side location, almost everyone at this location seemed like regulars. The upstairs seating was completely empty during the mid-afternoon, but I imagine it would be a wonderful place for a party.


Of course, one of the many great joys of Blossom—besides the wonderful service and the classy atmosphere—is the fact that I can order French toast without anxiety. I know French toast is a recurring theme here at Brunch with Bear, but you have to understand that one of the great joys in life is the ability to order French toast. However, that is not so easy with food allergies, and so French toast is always a novelty. My friend ordered a small side of garlic spinach, in an effort to be healthy. Our waiter took our orders with a smile, and enthusiastically approved our choices.

As I said, most of this blog just me getting excited about French toast, but imagine if you made French toast like kettle corn in breakfast format. That’s what this French toast is like. The French toast at this Blossom is a perfect bite-size mix of sweet maple syrup, tangy strawberries, and salty, caramelized French toast. Each bite is like an epiphany of, “Oh, so that’s what French toast could be!” On a side note, the garlic spinach was also delicious, and felt surreptitiously healthy while tasting comfortingly garlicky.

IMG_1122 IMG_1123

For those of you who are unaware, the High Line is a park atop the train tracks of the Meatpacking District. The High Line seems like attempt to simultaneously tame the city’s roaring history while also returning the overly industrial to the wilderness. A long walk down the High Line post-brunch became inspiration for a long pause and a small sketch.

While it’s quite a ways away from Morningside, a Sunday brunch in Chelsea followed by a stroll on the High Line might just be the perfect off-campus, off-site, off-your-couch excursion to rejuvenate you for a new week and a new season!