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A few weeks ago, my aunt was in town for work and took me out on the town to celebrate my birthday. I love when my aunt is in town and I love birthdays because combining those two events means one thing: amazing food. And even though my birthday is usually a rainy and icy affair in NYC, my aunt manages to make it into a fairytale dream come true with a long, lingering evening of food and festivities. Our first stop? Morton’s The Steakhouse.

morton's (entry)

Morton’s lists itself as being on 5th Avenue but the entrance to Morton’s is on 45th Street, between 5th and Madison Avenues. It’s a short walk—which seems really long when sleet is falling—from nearly any 42nd Street stop on the 1, 2, 3, 7, A, C, E, N, Q, or R trains, the 47-50th Street/Rockefeller Center stop on the B, D, F, or M trains, or, of course, Grand Central Station.

The front doors to Morton’s are very, very heavy especially when your hands are frozen and slippery because of the “wintry mix” that is happening outside. However, the inside is toasty and plush, with dim lighting for ambience and high ceilings for elegance. The entrance staff was very welcoming—though absolutely no help with the doors—and directed me to my table immediately.

morton's (restaurant)

Everything about Morton’s is fancy. There is a coat check at the front door. The walls double as wine racks. All the water comes in bottles. We used Uber to get around all night. (It’s that fancy.) If you want an upscale and sophisticated restaurant that is equally impressive and delicious, come to Morton’s. Better yet, get someone else to take you!

Online, Morton’s boasts a series of specialty lunch and dinner menus, such as gluten-sensitive or soy-sensitive. While they don’t have a standard dairy-sensitive menu, they do have a very knowledgeable waitstaff. Our waitress gave us plenty of time, and encouraged me to order anything that I wanted. We ordered some jumbo shrimp cocktail to start.

morton's (shrimp cocktail)

The shrimp cocktail was definitely jumbo, and served on dry ice for maximum presentation points. The house made cocktail sauce was potent, and made the succulent shrimp deliciously spicy. In terms of the main dishes, I finally settled on the petit filet mignon, and we ordered French fries and Brussels sprouts for the table. My aunt ordered a “mixed grill plate” of filet mignon, grilled shrimp and bacon-wrapped scallops.

morton's (petit filet)         morton's (surf n turf)

My petit filet was incredibly tender and juicy, and I savored the au jus with every bite. My aunt’s seafood was equally soft and flavorful. All the meats were surprisingly simple; no weird breading or toppings, just well-seasoned and perfectly cooked. The Brussels sprouts were also delicious—slightly crispy on the outside, with bacon crumbles in each forkful. Finally, the French fries were amazing—salty and addicting. French fries may look really simple, but trust me, a truly good fry is hard to find.

morton's (french fries)         morton's (brussels sprouts)

Suffice it to say that the whole meal was delicious. So delicious, in fact, that I’m still lamenting the leftovers I lost between an evening at Wicked and Totto Ramen, several weeks later.

The clientele at Morton’s is as fancy as the furniture. Some people seemed like regulars, and there were a number of special celebrations, judging by the number of cake slices with sparkler candles we saw. Posh fur coats and designer handbags decorated some chair backs, and the waitstaff seemed accustomed to large parties and custom orders.

morton's (bear)

We loved everything about Morton’s. They had amazing food, amazing service, amazing ambience. They double-checked on allergies, they made sure we were able to get to our show on time, and they weren’t even fazed when a small brown Bear made a brief appearance for a food photo shoot. Morton’s is possibly one of the most expensive restaurants in NYC that we scoped, so it’s highly unlikely that we’ll be able to return soon. However, we can’t wait for when we do!


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