L’Arte del Gelato

Happy National Ice Cream Day, a perfect ice cream Sunday to mark the midst of summer! July is actually National Ice Cream Month and last year we celebrated by attending the Brooklyn Flea Crème de la Crème Ice Cream Bonanza! If you’re able and willing to slog through the heat of the L train to visit this year’s festival, by all means, we recommend it! If, however, you’d like to stay on the island in an air-conditioned facility (we don’t blame you!), might we suggest L’Arte del Gelato in Chelsea Market?l'arte del gelato (chelsea market)

Chelsea Market is a little bit like the Embarcadero Center in San Francisco: a hipster market in a historical building. You can buy all your gift cheeses and goat milk soaps among the various bakeries and bruncheries, and all the while marveling at the incredible variety of people that stream like fish through the narrow hallway. The crowds are not totally ideal for a hot summer day—nothing is more unpleasant than the sweat of strangers—but if you can handle it for the sake of ice cream Sundays, then a trip to L’Arte del Gelato may be worth it!

Chelsea Market (and L’Arte del Gelato) spans an entire block in Chelsea between 15th and 16th Streets, with an entrance on 9th Avenue. The closest subway stations are the 8th Avenue station on the L train, or 18th Street on the 1 train. Chelsea Market is also a short walk from the 14th Street station on the 1, 2, 3, A, C, or E trains.

l'arte del gelato (counter)

L’Arte del Gelato is a family-owned Sicilian gelateria inspired by the American dream of ice cream. With flavors listed in the original Italian, L’Arte del Gelato reminds customers of its authenticity and heritage. The creative gelato flavors are dictated by the season, as fresh ingredients are the key to well-made gelato. Although traditional gelati contain a lot milk and cream, all the sorbetti listed at L’Arte del Gelato is both dairy-free and nut-free! As always, ask your server to please wash the scoop extra, and L’Arte del Gelato is happy to oblige.

l'arte del gelato (gelato)

I chose the pera (pear) and the limone arancia (lemon and orange) flavors in a regular sugar cone. Pear is a rare fruit, particularly in New York, and reminds me of juicy, buttery holiday pears. The sweet, soft pera scoop had the grainy fruit texture that I love and balanced perfectly against the tang of the citrus flavors in the limone arancia. The lemon and orange flavors were reminiscent of a sweet, summer drink, and perfectly refreshing as we fought throngs of people to get out of Chelsea Market.

l'arte del gelato (bear)

L’Arte del Gelato supplements their permanent residence in Chelsea Market with seasonal carts during the summer at both the High Line and Lincoln Center Plaza. Whether you are Instagramming flowers from the High Line or jumping in fountains at Lincoln Center, be sure to grab a refreshing scoop at L’Arte del Gelato to complete your perfect ice cream Sunday and celebrate National Ice Cream Month!