Behind the Bear

Who is Bear? Identifying features include a red plaid bow tie, a brown nose, and a devastating smolder. His favorite things include big words, attention, and honey. He’s always impeccably dressed and he’s more of a Strong, Silent type than a talker. He has a clever wit and a penchant for exploration. He’s the perfect companion, and he’s incredibly photogenic. As a result, he is the face of many of my projects.

Bear is like a portable personality test. I can always tell how friendly, whimsical, and open-minded a person is by how they respond to Bear. He’s a paradoxical pillar of intimidation and adorability, and all of my close friends and family appreciate his presence.

It’s all about the little things in life and, at about a foot and a half tall, Bear stands an international icon. A pioneer and a globetrotter, he’s traveled with me to Paris, Hong Kong, Rome, Toronto, and beyond. He is the perfect size to carry around in a daypack as I hike up a waterfall, or in a tote as I explore an urban jungle.

Bear serves as the mascot of the Brunch with Bear team. When a meal gets two paws up, it’s golden, just like his fur.


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