Pranzo con L’orso: Fassi Gelateria

Ciao, Brunch with Bearees, and happy National Ice Cream Day! While we normally don’t think much of national food holidays, National Ice Cream Day has a special place in our hearts and on this blog. The “cream” component of “ice … Continue reading


It was all a numbers game a few weeks ago at OTTO where I held my twenty-second birthday dinner extravaganza, with seven people, three courses, a single and singular Bear, and countless delicious moments, pun definitely intended. Otto means “eight” in … Continue reading

Grom Loves Bear

This tweet is old news, but I forgot to put it up on the blog. Grom gave us a shout-out via Twitter back in January, after Bear visited their location in Columbus Circle. We recently returned there for a spring snack, and their strawberry and mango flavors were amazing. Bear looks forward to more gelato during the hot summer months.

If there’s one thing Bear loves more than food, it’s media attention. Thanks, Grom!